Appco Group Italia helps millions of children worldwide

Thanks to the support of new regular-giving donors signed up by fundraisers working with Appco Group Italia, 1.1 million children in 22 countries can now benefit from education projects set up by Save the Children.

In 2013 alone, 64% of donations came from regular-giving donors, which means Save the Children can also provide more than 1.3 million kits to keep newborns warm, and babies bathed and changed.

Appco fundraisers have also secured enough donations for the charity to help build 618 health centres and provide more than 500,000 delivery and post-natal care kits, giving women the support they need throughout their pregnancies.

“The key to our success was to work as a team, making decisions together, sharing the goals and working with passion to reach the best results,” said Giancarla Pancione, Head of Individual Donors Division, Save the Children Italia Onlus.