Appco Philippines independent contractors help light up children’s faces

Appco Philippines independent contractors fundraising for Operation Smile (OPS) went to Pagamutan ng Dasmariñas in the Philippines on 17 September to witness something out of the ordinary.

They attended the pre-operation screening process for cleft lip and cleft palate surgical interventions, speaking to some of the parents and their siblings on the day. Around 100 children, the vast majority from one to 10 years in age, turned up to register for the free operation.

“We were very humbled by the hardships endured by the families and the effect it has had on their lives, socially and emotionally. Despite the horrific stories of bullying, the children were still laughing and playing. For the families to come such a long way to see their children smile again was heart-wrenching,” says Camille Merano, Leader, Expedition Marketing International.

Relentless pursuit of child healing

‘UNTIL WE HEAL’ is the campaign name which promises not to stop until every child is healed and has access to safe surgical care to fix cleft lip and cleft palate problems. The medical attention received helps to restore confidence and ultimately transforms the children’s lives.

Joyce Puntero, Owner Partner, Expedition Marketing International, adds, “Learning how much these children struggle, the sacrifices of the parents and the incredible work of the doctors and volunteers was something I’ll never forget. It really does put things into perspective.”

Appco Philippines and Operation Smile have been working together in partnership for a campaign that started on 19 September 2016. The team has certainly played its part in putting a smile back on the faces of the parents and their long-suffering children.

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