Paulo Neill L. Javier

Paulo Neill L. Javier

Owner Partner

NextGen Marketing Group

Paulo started in the business October 2014 when he was 25. After graduating from the premiere state university, he started his own business and worked in the BPO industry. In less than a year, he realized that he wanted more. He wanted to be part of a company that would provide money, opportunity, and a good working environment, and that’s when he found Appco Philippines.

Having no experience or training related to the industry, he found his first few months challenging. But with the support from his colleagues, the mentoring provided to him and his desire for excellence, he advanced to Assistant Ownership in 11 months, and then to Owner Partner on April 2017.

Paulo’s greatest goal is to assist the next generation of brand ambassadors in building their own businesses. He plans to grow his team to 50 by the end of the year and expand to two cities by 2018.